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What Is Rubricku?

Rubricku is a nine stanza, three-by-three interlocking renku. Each corner is a seasonal hokku (haiku), the stanzas between the corners are two-line verses, and the cenral three-line stanza links to all the other stanzas:

Winter Hokku 2-line stanza Spring Hokku
2-line stanza Central stanza 2-line stanza
Autumn Hokku 2-line stanza Summer Hokku

The Spring Thaw Rubricku is the first Rubricku I created and is an example of how the stanzas interlock. Three of the two-line stanzas also allude to the traditional renku topics: Blossom, Love, and Moon.

Why Rubricku?

Rubricku is one form of Renku. Renku is described in Higginson's Renku Home web site and in one place there is a discussion about how short a renku could be. Although a 12-stanza linear renku is at the fringes of practical limits, the 9-stanza interlocking form of the Rubricku facilitates all the seasons, contains the three traditional topics (blossom, love, moon), and retains the 2-line / 3-line alternating verse format. It does deviate from the standard form in that it has four hokku as opposed to one. If desired, three of the corners could be written as three-line verses. However, by treating them all as hokku a 3x3 interlocking symmetry is sustained.

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