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Like finding old friends,
this page defends souls.
Time bends without breaking.

But still nostalgia tends
to shift trends, suddenly,
make amends for indifference.

Even as it offends
materialists, it mends hearts.
It sends wonderful signals.

Beauty meets all demands:
Soft tamburica*-bands, klapas**
join hands to bring your longing home at last.

*tamburica—instrument similar-but not identical-to a mandolin or banjo. Usually played by bands of 5 or 7.

** klapa—a (men's) choir, specific to the Adriatic coast, usually made up of (semi-) professionals, hired to serenade young ladies with beautiful a cappella songs.


 92, Passeig De Gracia*

Waves made of stone
an artist's own bid
to disown "Mare Nostrum".

Drilled into the sea,
windows overlook tree tops:
everyone's free to dream.

leaves made of metal
show much mettle, creeping:
hedge nettle or ivy?

"La Pedrera" stands out:
it's all about daring
to shout your fantasy!

*This is a climbing poem I wrote about one of the houses designed by Gaudi (La Pedrera). The title is its address in Barcelona, Spain.

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